Fathers Day Fun


Fathers Day was a good one this year, full of outside fun, the kids playing like crazy and a few treats for the dads in our life. We spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa Jones’ and grandma spent a good part of the afternoon working on getting these bubbles going for the kids… it was worth every second. I am pretty sure all the kids thinks she moonlights as a magician now. The kids and I (Ok mostly me) worked on some tie tacs for Dad made of shrink dinks so that he can now wear small plastic figures of his kids on his tie to all those important meetings at work, they turned out hilarious and a little too much fun for me. We also surprised grandpa with an old fashion candy dispenser for his basement but quickly had to hide it from the 5 hungry kids… We spent Sunday at home with Meg and Wes, Teri Denny and Chris, it was such a fun day I didn’t pick up my camera once… oops…We are loving every second of summer…049 And yes I am pretty sure we will remember this summer as the summer of the blue Cinderella dress… praying this thing gets lost in the dryer soon, we usually get it off of her atleast every few days for a washing.079 094 096 107photo

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