Mabry Ruth is 9 Months Old!!!

Oh Mabry… it has been 9 whole months with you here and it seems like only yesterday we were waiting for your arrival. You have filled a place in our family and I can barely remember what life was like without you. You have changed so much since I wrote your last update and it seems that the updates are coming way too fast now… Having you and your brother and sister make me want to stop time. I am constantly praying I am soaking up every second of your baby babbling, your squishy cheeks, your crawling around your brother and sister fighting over hotwheels and Barbies. You love morning time when you get to smile at daddy, then play in your highchair eating cheerios while your brother and sister eat breakfast. And speaking of morning, this week was the first time I went into your room (yep still the bathroom) and you were sitting up in your crib by yourself… such a grown up girl!

You have gotten two new teeth and thank goodness they came in on the top to even out that smile of yours. You use those little choppers to eat everything. You love avocado, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, cheerios, black beans and sweet potatoes. You are still breastfed and have recently refused to take a bottle so that leaves anyone with you when I am not around mixing formula with rice cereal and shoveling it in. Oh well I secretly love breastfeeding and will enjoy the last few months doing so.

You crawl now! But I wont lie, you are kinda lazy 🙂 in a sweet good way. You know that it takes a lot of work to get all the way across the room to get a toy and you can just yell for your brother or sister to get it and that works just fine. You love standing but I have to put you there, You are almost pulling up on things and you even took a couple nervous steps behind your push lion toy the other day. You talk like crazy, blow raspberries at us when we do it and you love handing people toys and waiting for them to come back to you. You are so smiley especially after you warm up to someone new. You still twirl your hands and feet like a crazy lady when you want something and this usually means you want me to pick you up.

We love you more and more each day and most days when I go to sleep at night my heart is exhausted and full of the joy that you three bring me.066072 Look at these three rag-a-muffins… oh how my heart is full looking at these kiddos, even when Bennett won’t smile and Annie is wearing the same Cinderella nightgown for 3 weeks straight… 020

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