So it happened… our sweet little boy has officially entered Elementary school. I have awaited this day with anticipation, nerves, pride, and a very full heart. This kid is amazing. He made me a mom 5 years ago and I had no idea how much this kid could make me so  fulfilled at this job of keeping him happy and safe in those first 5 pre-school years… I am sad those years are over. I now am forced to share him for 7 hours a day with a darling teacher and 24 other 5 year olds. His life has moved onto the next phase and my next phase as a mom has begun. As I watched him run to line up with his class tears welled up and felt the pressure of toddlerhood leave and a whole new pressure come crashing down. Was he going to listen to his teacher? will he make friends? will he learn to read? So many things out of my control for those hours during the day. I will miss him!

I watched him file into his class room at the front of the line and I knew he would be just fine upon my arrival 7 hours later. I knew he would have many good times during the day and everyday this kindergarten year. Many hours later as I pulled up to the curb, my heart jumped when I saw him spot me in the crowd. He came running and his Teacher had an amazing report and called him “a great roll model!” Well done buddy…. I am hoping to hold back the ugly cry on day two… this new phase is going to be fun and I am pretty sure I am ready for it… but I have no doubt you are 🙂 Love you to the moon and back!263-001 268-001 273-001 What a special surprise! Dad had left work and met us at the school to walk him in on his first day! This kid has one pretty great dad!!278-001 285-001 292-001

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