Kindergarten Graduation

Whew Kindergarten… you have given us a run for our money… I think I learned almost as much as Bennett did this year. I learned how to listen to my kid and weed out the stuff said only in exhaustion. I learned how important it is to encourage him to make friends and be confident. I learned how as a parent it is soooo hard to get your kid to listen while doing homework and how I have no idea how to explain things to a 6 year old sometimes.

I learned my kid is brave even when I can tell he really doesn’t want to be. I learned he is proud of me and loves having me around, especially when helping with reading group (this will be gone way too fast). I learned he never stops trying even if the going gets really hard. I learned he is so smart and applies his knowledge just like his daddy. I learned my kid is sweet and kind to all types of kids. I learned he is so respectful of his teachers and is a favorite with most of them.

Part of me (and I am sure Bennett) is happy to bid farewell and move on past kindergarten but I know high school will come all too fast and I pray all the things I learned about Bennett in Kindergarten still ring true even all those years from now.2015-06-12 004 009 Mrs Greenwood013 Hadley and Bennett, same class next year, we may live to regret this choice 🙂021

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