Back yard in progress

I am pretty sure this spring will go down in Olsen Family history as the one when lost her marbles and renovated the back yard. We have built the tree house platform (house to come at the end of summer), A chicken coop and run, A 16×4 raised garden with 6 foot trellises, re worked the entire backyard sprinkler system, and poured cement pavers to make a path to the chicken coop and barrier for the yard… this took many many trips to home depot (the lumber guys know me well and run when they see me coming in with 5 children) lots of sweat and tears and lots of arguing with the hubs over taking on too many projects (I am starting to see that he may have a point with this one) There is constantly mason jars full of screws, drills, hammers and paint cans on our back deck… what a mess our neighbors think we are… but I am pretty sure that at night when I sit on the back deck with a glass of wine watching the chickens run around my huge garden and the kids giggling like crazy going down the slide my heart is very very happy!042 053 057IMG_3997 IMG_4007 IMG_4022 IMG_4034 IMG_4038 IMG_4041 IMG_4053 IMG_4105 IMG_4278 IMG_4303 IMG_4550

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