Chelan 2015

Wow another crazy year of fun at Chelan. It is after these trips that we look back and think “I will definitely remember this as the year that…” All the Chelan trips seem to melt together except for those key differences that are unforgettable… so here is my best description of “the year that…”

All three of my kids were running around camp, We had only one in diapers, The first that all kids loved to swim. The one that Annie “Super wanted a Floaty!” The first with all of our friends from Walla Walla. The first in a few years that dad could stay the whole week! Our biggest year yet with 15 or so sites. The year we brought a cat camping (we love you Hermione!). The one when Big John BBQed. The one with Jamaican night. The one with amazing weather except for the very last day. The one that the park almost burnt to the ground immediately after we left. The one that the girls went to an MC Hammer concert. The one with Cards against humanity around the palm tree. The tree almost fell as we were leaving. The one that we switched and refunded and confused every site in camp resulting in a big money shuffle but it all worked out. The year of the live super super boring bird documentary at the theatre… The one that we had so many kids we were constantly counting them and loved watching them play all darn day… it was amazing!055-001966 973 784 792 845 822 760 714 811 981 699 709 984 990 1011 1023 1034 1047 1052 1059 1064 1079

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