Magician turns Quarter into $13,000!

Many many moments have come and gone that make this parenting business fun, hard, hilarious, scary and just down right painful… I am not really sure which one of those words best describes this moment in our parenting journey… I will just come out with it: My oldest child swallowed a quarter. I think the Oto surgeon said it best upon finding me in the waiting room at 3 am. “Honey your son has had his fair share of medical complications over the years, lots of medical history to agonize over, but this had nothing to do with anything other than your kid swallowed a quarter.”

When staying at Aunt Jeanies this week we were all getting ready for bed time, kids were in pajamas and the mommies all had wine poured settling in for a quiet night of girl talk… When Bennett came up the stairs in a panic saying he swallowed a penny. At first I thought “no you didn’t Bennett go back to bed” but the drool started out of his mouth and his coughing scared the crap out of all of us. We immediately decided to take him to the ER. We quickly were taken back by the radiologist and I will never forget squinting at the screen waiting for the image to appear from the Xray wondering if I would be able to tell what had happened…. and I laughed out loud when I saw that bright circle in his esophagus. The radiologist said “sweetie that isn’t a penny” that’s when Bennett fessed up that it was a quarter his good buddy Sean had given him earlier that day.

So 6 hours later, after a trip in an ambulance to the nearby childrens hospital (that Aunt Jeanie is a social worker at), and a trip to the OR, we had retrieved the quarter… aghimage2


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