Dance Dance Dance

Oh Annie… You have become this bright little rainbow in the last year. You love sparkles, princesses and singing. So when your good friend Harper got signed up for ballet dance class once a week we couldn’t resist. This also landed on your first day of preschool, big day for you sis and a big day that mommy was pretty proud of you. I knew there was a chance you would be too overwhelmed from school to really hang in there through the whole 1 hour class… boy was I wrong! You didn’t miss a step. You twirled giggled, followed the teacher with a huge smile on your face. You are full of magic sweet girl… let is be noted that the following Tuesday was a bit too much for you, tears galore got you kicked out of class and a nap before we left the parking lot. No worries though, apparently every little dancer gets kicked out one time of another, a right of passage you can say here in Walla Walla. The next week you shined, we have learned to take each day one day at a time, Looks like our little dancer is here to stay…065 069 072 078 073 079 081

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