Babes turns 2.

I have been so terrible about keeping up with our family pictures that it just seems like yesterday I was writing everything about our newly 1 year old baby… This birthday marks the first that I am just down right bummed out. I let another year pass! I spent the whole day yesterday watching her from across the room imagining how fast the next year is going to fly by and she will be a bright and crazy 3 year old. We no longer have a bumbly, uncoordinated, non-verbal baby in our midst… She is loud, funny, beautiful, opinionated, rough and tumble, determined, snuggly, happy girl.

A few notable things that I want to remember about this girl at 2. She loves her mama and can snub off someone from across that room that even tries looking at her. And then the next second she will be handing out kisses and waves and telling long stories that only her mom can understand. She LOVES babies, getting her hair done and doing anything daredevilish that scares me to death. She wants to be potty trained so bad but hasn’t gotten anywhere near actually going in the potty.

She has two shirts that she calls “my shirt!” and will get mad if anyone suggests she wear something else. She is our only kid that has lasted to her 2nd birthday still in her crib…. probably because by the third I have learned it is not a fun milestone.

I couldn’t imagine a better fit into our little family. You are growing up way way too fast but I couldn’t be prouder of the little girl you are becoming. We love you to the moon sweet girl!015 020 024 033 052

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