About Us


I am Julie and almost 5 years ago, the husband, Joel, and I started down the fun and ever so eventful path of parenthood.

So here they are, the memories we are now making everyday… after I have had a long hard day of chasing these kiddos I can sit down, look at these pictures and be continually reminded that these moments are fleeting, they are quick and no matter how hard this job is, it will forever be magical. I am not perfect at this parenting gig but I know when my kids look back and see these moments through my eyes they will never question how much this is what I wanted to do.

Our first little person is Bennett he was born December 7, 2008. He was an adventure from the beginning and his first few years were a little rough. We liked to call him “medically intensive”. But as we have watched him grow over the last few years he has never stopped amazing us. He is a bright, happy and healthy little boy and makes us laugh all day long. I love how amazingly confident he is, how playful he is and how he loves to negotiate just like his dad.

Then in June of 2011 we got a pretty big surprise… Our little lady Anna June was born on February 16, 2012 and we couldn’t have dreamed of a more precious little child. She is almost a year old and every day I think about how lucky I am to have her. I love seeing her eyes sparkle when she looks at her daddy and hearing her giggle to get everyone’s attention.

Thank you for being part of our memories.

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