Dance Dance Dance

Oh Annie… You have become this bright little rainbow in the last year. You love sparkles, princesses and singing. So when your good friend Harper got signed up for ballet dance class once a week we couldn’t resist. This also landed on your first day of preschool, big day for you sis and a big day that mommy was pretty proud of you. I knew there was a chance you would be too overwhelmed from school to really hang in there through the whole 1 hour class… boy was I wrong! You didn’t miss a step. You twirled giggled, followed the teacher with a huge smile on your face. You are full of magic sweet girl… let is be noted that the following Tuesday was a bit too much for you, tears galore got you kicked out of class and a nap before we left the parking lot. No worries though, apparently every little dancer gets kicked out one time of another, a right of passage you can say here in Walla Walla. The next week you shined, we have learned to take each day one day at a time, Looks like our little dancer is here to stay…065 069 072 078 073 079 081

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Magician turns Quarter into $13,000!

Many many moments have come and gone that make this parenting business fun, hard, hilarious, scary and just down right painful… I am not really sure which one of those words best describes this moment in our parenting journey… I will just come out with it: My oldest child swallowed a quarter. I think the Oto surgeon said it best upon finding me in the waiting room at 3 am. “Honey your son has had his fair share of medical complications over the years, lots of medical history to agonize over, but this had nothing to do with anything other than your kid swallowed a quarter.”

When staying at Aunt Jeanies this week we were all getting ready for bed time, kids were in pajamas and the mommies all had wine poured settling in for a quiet night of girl talk… When Bennett came up the stairs in a panic saying he swallowed a penny. At first I thought “no you didn’t Bennett go back to bed” but the drool started out of his mouth and his coughing scared the crap out of all of us. We immediately decided to take him to the ER. We quickly were taken back by the radiologist and I will never forget squinting at the screen waiting for the image to appear from the Xray wondering if I would be able to tell what had happened…. and I laughed out loud when I saw that bright circle in his esophagus. The radiologist said “sweetie that isn’t a penny” that’s when Bennett fessed up that it was a quarter his good buddy Sean had given him earlier that day.

So 6 hours later, after a trip in an ambulance to the nearby childrens hospital (that Aunt Jeanie is a social worker at), and a trip to the OR, we had retrieved the quarter… aghimage2


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Chelan 2015

Wow another crazy year of fun at Chelan. It is after these trips that we look back and think “I will definitely remember this as the year that…” All the Chelan trips seem to melt together except for those key differences that are unforgettable… so here is my best description of “the year that…”

All three of my kids were running around camp, We had only one in diapers, The first that all kids loved to swim. The one that Annie “Super wanted a Floaty!” The first with all of our friends from Walla Walla. The first in a few years that dad could stay the whole week! Our biggest year yet with 15 or so sites. The year we brought a cat camping (we love you Hermione!). The one when Big John BBQed. The one with Jamaican night. The one with amazing weather except for the very last day. The one that the park almost burnt to the ground immediately after we left. The one that the girls went to an MC Hammer concert. The one with Cards against humanity around the palm tree. The tree almost fell as we were leaving. The one that we switched and refunded and confused every site in camp resulting in a big money shuffle but it all worked out. The year of the live super super boring bird documentary at the theatre… The one that we had so many kids we were constantly counting them and loved watching them play all darn day… it was amazing!055-001966 973 784 792 845 822 760 714 811 981 699 709 984 990 1011 1023 1034 1047 1052 1059 1064 1079

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Back yard in progress

I am pretty sure this spring will go down in Olsen Family history as the one when lost her marbles and renovated the back yard. We have built the tree house platform (house to come at the end of summer), A chicken coop and run, A 16×4 raised garden with 6 foot trellises, re worked the entire backyard sprinkler system, and poured cement pavers to make a path to the chicken coop and barrier for the yard… this took many many trips to home depot (the lumber guys know me well and run when they see me coming in with 5 children) lots of sweat and tears and lots of arguing with the hubs over taking on too many projects (I am starting to see that he may have a point with this one) There is constantly mason jars full of screws, drills, hammers and paint cans on our back deck… what a mess our neighbors think we are… but I am pretty sure that at night when I sit on the back deck with a glass of wine watching the chickens run around my huge garden and the kids giggling like crazy going down the slide my heart is very very happy!042 053 057IMG_3997 IMG_4007 IMG_4022 IMG_4034 IMG_4038 IMG_4041 IMG_4053 IMG_4105 IMG_4278 IMG_4303 IMG_4550

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Healing up and resting in the sun…

Bennett made a quick recovery after a long long weekend but we still hunkered down at Grandma and Grandpas for one last night and then headed back to Walla Walla for a few days rest and lots of popsicles. The kids love seeing Grandmas chickens especially Marshawn (our rooster that we sent her way after it started crowing in the subdivision) Little Mabry loves anything with fur or feathers, definitely our animal lover!053 067 074 Trying to recreate Dad’s famous senior picture…096 102 115 153 159 160 172

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Tonsils Round Three

Our little trooper had his third tonsil/adenoid surgery today. It is going to help him sleep a little better at night. We got to spend the week with Old Grandma and Grandpa and after a ton of driving and a ton of waiting at the hospital this kid once again showed us how brave he is. He was smiling and playing Legos when we joined him in the ICU. Everyone loved seeing his big grin because the ICU sees so few happy bouncing kiddos. It was another sleepless night at the hospital that reminded me of how far we had come since the endless nights when he was a baby. What a brave boy you are Bennett…. We are so proud of how respectful, brave and just down right sweet kid you are!

He got three pictures of his lingual tonsils before and after, it is pretty gross and he thinks it is awesome!045 046 044

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WWII Planes… “Japanese planes”

Bennett has been all a buzz about this exhibit of WWII planes at the Walla Walla airport. But for whatever reason he kept thinking they were Japanese Planes… apparently social studies isn’t part of kindergarten 🙂 a fun day in the hot sun with the kiddos and some friends. A great last thing to do before heading west for Bennett’s Tonsil surgery this week.013 014 002 022 029 040

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