Kindergarten Graduation

Whew Kindergarten… you have given us a run for our money… I think I learned almost as much as Bennett did this year. I learned how to listen to my kid and weed out the stuff said only in exhaustion. I learned how important it is to encourage him to make friends and be confident. I learned how as a parent it is soooo hard to get your kid to listen while doing homework and how I have no idea how to explain things to a 6 year old sometimes.

I learned my kid is brave even when I can tell he really doesn’t want to be. I learned he is proud of me and loves having me around, especially when helping with reading group (this will be gone way too fast). I learned he never stops trying even if the going gets really hard. I learned he is so smart and applies his knowledge just like his daddy. I learned my kid is sweet and kind to all types of kids. I learned he is so respectful of his teachers and is a favorite with most of them.

Part of me (and I am sure Bennett) is happy to bid farewell and move on past kindergarten but I know high school will come all too fast and I pray all the things I learned about Bennett in Kindergarten still ring true even all those years from now.2015-06-12 004 009 Mrs Greenwood013 Hadley and Bennett, same class next year, we may live to regret this choice 🙂021

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Ribbon Cutting

I know most people think their husbands are pretty amazing… and I have been one of those people for most of the last 8 years. But my heart nearly burst with pride the moment I saw him cutting the Ribbon of his new dealership. He has worked so hard with an amazing partner group to get to this moment. Even before considering a move to Walla Walla we knew our plan would to grow a business and be part of a community. We never dreamed we would land here with amazing small town community in this great business that is open and thriving since December.

Babe I couldn’t be happier with where our life has taken us. I know so much of your hard work and big dreams have gotten us here. To many many years right where we are!015 016An aerial shot taken by Joel while up in Ryan’s Plane…DSC_0124

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Willowa 2015

I love the weekends when you can look back and think, “holy crap we can have fun!” We set out for Willowa this Memorial day and the weather forecast was a bit bleak… I think there were even flash flood warnings as we drove south into the Oregon mountains. They weather man couldn’t be more wrong. We had three days of sun, kids running like crazy, a downpour around the campfire that was nothing but completely hilarious, poncho and all. We did go carts, amazing BBQ, hiking, cards against humanity, smores and fishing. How could we possibly end such a perfect weekend any other way than passing the stomach flu around to nearly the entire camp… But I guess that shows how much fun we had. We all left barfing and it was all still really good 🙂159 166 174 188 196 212 217 225 232 259 343 375 413 422 433 435 438

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Crazy Chicken Lady…

Ok I realize how I have gone a bit overboard on a few things in my life especially when it comes to activities for the kids. We have wanted chickens for a couple years now but with the move we knew this was a fun thing we were going to have to put on the back burner. But once we got settled in and I spent a week with grandmas last month we are now the proud owners of 13 chickens. They has slowly made the move from living in a tub in our garage to a crate in the garage and FINALLY to the coop in the back yard I built for our 13 little ladies. So this is the reasoning we somehow ended up with 13!! The gal at the farm store assured me that only a percentage of these little tarts live to laying age. They also said 10% of them may be Rooster which we would have to get rid of so we got 8 in hopes that we would have 5 healthy chickens. Then we stumbled upon 5 sweet americanas (they lay BLUE eggs!) and I just couldn’t pass them up… so here we are living in a quarter acre in a housing development with a small farm in the back. And for the record we have since learned this is frowned upon by the HOA… so SSSHHHH! We have been pleasantly surprised how quiet  and low maintenance they are and the kids love them! Hopefully we can pay off the neighbors in Blue or Brown eggs if any of them are against it. Also I must admit I have had a blast designing and building the coop myself… I even put on the shingles!!! Between the tree house and our new pets the kids have quite the amazing back yard! 028 031129-001 137-001 155-001 156-001 163-001

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May Day

As our good friend Shannon is out of town running Boston and Big Sur Marathons we took this opportunity to steal Hadley for a slumber party. With a house full of girls (Bennett and Dad gone fishing at Jameson) we decided to get some cute matching “May Day Outfits” and raid a huge lilac tree to take flowers around the neighborhood. My secret way to apologize for our usually craziness around the cul-de-sac.006 012 021 030

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Coach Pitch!

I love all the new that has been happening lately but at the same time not many six year olds are that great with change… Bennett is no different. He can sometimes be intimidated by something new so when he jumps out of his comfort zone and has a beaming smile on his face while doing it, my heart melts a little. With baseball he isn’t afraid of messing up he just gets out there and tries. I think he has such a great attitude because not only is his good friends on the team but his Dad is the coach!!!! My boys are quite the team and I love this new activity. Not to mention all the moms and kids play in the sun while watching them run around batting and learning together what it is all about. He has gotten a couple great hits in every game and ends the game with a huge smile each time!216 081 071008 047 053-001 057 086 098 100 119

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Treehouse Masters

One of my favorite family projects hands down… our tree house! We are mostly calling it that because of my obsession with the show “Treehouse Masters” on the animal channel and I am ignoring that it really doesn’t have trees near it at all. It all started when we moved in and the family before us had buried pylons in the back yard. We told them to leave them there and we would put something in there eventually. When the weather started making a turn for the better at the end of February (yes February!!) I decided to get out there, measure and start drawing some things up. I wrote out a budget (wishing this was matching as well as my drawings are at this point) and our little family hit homedepot. I have loved working with Joel and the kids (mostly Bennett) have helped a bit. Joel has been great about letting me plan, shop for and cut mostly everything. He comes in for the heavy lifting on the weekends when I need more than 2 hands to screw in boards while making sure none of them land on a baby. So it is clearly going to be over the top for our little .25 acres we have here but I truly don’t care. The kids already see it as this magical place and I can not wait to have our first slumber party in it this summer!013 Bennett constantly overseeing everything…018 The girls… “helping”023 Working on it a bit each weekend this last weekend we added the stairs…038

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